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Mary and Martha v. The Good Samaritan

A week or so ago I asked about a dozen people the following question:

Imagine you're a poor farmer in Bethany,around 2000 years ago. You've heard of Jesus and you pass a house where he is speaking. There's a man at the door and he beckons to you - there's just space for one more he says.

You are about to go in but your glance catches sight of an old woman struggling to pick up some things she was carrying - someone has knocked her over. She's crying out for help but, though there are people about, nobody is helping her.

You don't know what to do - help the old lady or take the last seat to listen to Jesus. So you call out to Jesus - asking him what should you do.

How do you think Jesus would answer ?

"Do not judge..." - What did Jesus really mean ?

Luke 6 v37-45
I was recently part of a conversation in which the person to whom I was talking quoted Luke 6:37 "Judge not, and you will not be judged.". And yes, I own up, that person was talking about me !

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